UK Smartphone Users Benefit From the Fastest way to use Their Mobile Device

UK BlackBerry & Nokia users are LOVING Vlingo. See today’s press release that we issued in in the UK highlighting Vlingo’s popularity. See the full press release below.

LONDON, January 20 /PRNewswire/ — Vlingo, the maker of the world’s most popular mobile voice application revealed today that it is seeing even faster adoption in the UK since releasing products for BlackBerry and Nokia smartphones. Despite over 3 Million downloads in North America, daily new users in the UK surpassed America despite a much smaller population.

Vlingo users can simply talk to their mobile phone to instantly send a text or an email message, call a friend, create a note to themselves, update their Facebook or Twitter status or search the web with ease by saying what they want – such as “find a Pizza Express in Hampton Court”.

Nokia users in the UK and Europe have been using Vlingo since a September 2009 launch in the Ovi store by Nokia in English, Italian, Spanish and German.

Vlingo users are proving that voice interfaces are critical for mobile devices. “The number of mobile applications in the market today has increased dramatically in the past year,” says Ashley Griffiths, VP EMEA, Vlingo. “Vlingo allows users to discover and use these applications with ease and we believe this is what has driven such quick adoption in the UK”.

The free version of Vlingo allows users to employ voice commands to:
• Open third party and native applications such as camera and calendar
• Make a call
• Search the Web
• Create notes to self
• Update Facebook or Twitter statuses (depending on handset)

The paid version of Vlingo, Vlingo Plus allows users to send unlimited text and email messages. Users can upgrade to Vlingo plus (enhanced functionality) for a one off fee. Pricing information can be found at

With Vlingo, users do not need to change how they speak or memorize a list of commands. They simply say what they want, how they want, and Vlingo captures the results – word for word, almost instantaneously. The most accurate system of its type on the market gets even better as more users join the community. Vlingo gives users the ability to freely mix typing and talking with no limits on what they can say.

See the Vlingo Technology White Paper for more details on how the technology works at

Availability and Compatibility
Vlingo is available for BlackBerry in UK English. Vlingo is available for Nokia users in UK English, German, Spanish and Italian. Vlingo features vary depending on the handset in use. Go to to check availability.

North America
Vlingo is available for BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia and Windows Mobile users in North American English. Vlingo features vary depending on the handset in use. Go to to check availability.

How to Get Vlingo
Vlingo can be downloaded @, Ovi Store by Nokia, Apple App Store & BlackBerry App World