Recently many of our posts have been about other platforms or great articles on Vlingo.  But today we are excited to share some news about our BlackBerry app!  Today we are very happy to announce that Vlingo for BlackBerry now supports OS 7.0.

BlackBerry OS 7.0 promises to advance your mobile app experience and with Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant you will be able to do more stuff, faster and easier than before!

Click to download via here Or via AppWorld here!


  • GlenRconklin

    I cant get vlingo to paste to fb it says paste but it doesnt, the stuff i write dissapears. I have a BB 9860 torch

  • Gosiols

    I cannot get vlingo to work on my torch. My OS is 7.

  • Olliep

    My phone updated the OS to 7.1.0 and now Vlingo doesn’t work with the convenience key! When I push the convenience key it just clicks. Vlingo opens up but doesn’t prompt me for a command. I reinstalled Vlingo with no improvement.

  • Meli

    I can’t get it to work on my bold 9930. Nothing happens when I hold the convenience key down.

  • Heather

    how do I set up on my blackberry bold 9900 OS 7.x to have the vlingo program auto reply ? eg. “I am driving @ the moment & I will get back to you ASAP :)”

  • unlock blackberry

    I love to use vligo..Specially when i am driving..Great fan of Vlingo..

  • Joelhh241

    Vlingo stopped working with OS 7.1 and bluetooth – I talked to tech support at Vlingo two months ago and it still isn’t resolved.  Great app but very furstating.

  • Steve

    New Bold 9900 and Vlingo isn’t working.  When I press side key, nothing happens even during the setup when it asks me to hold it down and say the sentence.

  • Laura bw

    In my app world says that is not available for my BB 9380, it has Blackberry OS 7.0 Bundle 2305. Is there a way to download it?