There has been a lot of buzz about the iPhone 4S and its Siri Assistant.  But what many don’t realize is that the Android platform has had a Siri-like Assistant for a year and a half .  In the wake of the 4S launch, there have been many “me-too” apps that have tried to mimic some of what Siri does, but we think the original Virtual Assistant for Android – Vlingo – still separates itself from the pack.  And we also believe it compares favorably to much of the functionality recently launched by Apple.

You can download Vlingo on Android Market here.

Much like Siri, Vlingo can do all of the following tasks with a simple, natural voice command:

  • Send messages (SMS or Email)
  • Voice dial
  • Find information on restaurants and other local businesses
  • Search the web
  • Get directions
  • Listen to incoming messages
  • Look for answers to your questions

But Vlingo doesn’t stop there.  It can help you do many things that Siri currently cannot:

  • Send a message, make a call or get directions without ever having to touch your phone using a “Wake Up word”
  • Update your Facebook or Twitter status
  • Check in with foursquare
  • Book a reservation through OpenTable
  • Buy movie tickets with Fandango
  • Search and book travel on KAYAK
Vlingo has a rating of 4.3 Stars on Android Market, and has earned the prestigious designation of Top Developer.  If you’re interested in a Siri alternative for your Android device, you should give Vlingo a try.  We have more information and a demo video on our Android Market page.

You can learn more about  Vlingo on Android Market here.

  • Merkader

    If only it could add an appointment to my calendar…

    • Kblodo

      Yeah, that would really be useful

    • mrskittens

      It can though not completely hands-free. However you can say, “Note to self, dinner with Jane 6pm Friday” and it will be in your memo pad, at least on the Blackberry.  I imagine there is something similar with Android.

  • Jcbyte

    Vlingo you are the first and just getting started!

  • Stephen Hale

    Or get answers, instead of just searching the web.  Or didn’t have to have a good connection, since Vlingo doesn’t do ANYTHING unless it can make an initial connection with it’s servers.

    So where Siri just WORKS, you have to keep looking at Vlingo to see if it’s ready. That in itself separates them by Miles. I could just trust Siri to do it’s job, and I have to maintain Vlingo. I need my apps to work for ME, I don’t want to spend more time babysitting my apps than I save by using them. 

    • Andrew

      Do you have reasonable coverage from your provider?  Vlingo “just works” for me, the moment I use it.  Email arrives, it reads it.  I speak to it, it types.  No babysitting.

      But I’m glad you have something that works; that is what counts 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Vlingo is a great app.  The voice recognition accuracy is superb.  The huge hole right now compared with Siri is the ability to interact with your exchange calendar and tasks list.  Siri is far more useful as a business productivity tool than Vlingo right now because of this.  But Vlingo has great potential if it would add these capabilities.

  • Luciano

    Vlingo is very exciting, but, here in Brazil, we speak Portuguese-BR… When will you disponibilize this language? For many months we are asking for it, but it seems you do not care…

  • Anonymous

    Some of your extended functionality is a real stretch to compare with Siri.  I just said to Vlingo “I need dinner reservations in Des Moines, IA Saturday night at 5:30pm for 6 people.”  It returned a Google search of that sentence. 

    • mrskittens

      And what did Siri do with that request?

  • Gordon Shumway

    Aren’t all these “it’s like Siri but not” press releases a little… Cheap?

    Just be confident in your product and make sure that it beats the competition.

    Vlingo is good, but it needs more extended functionality.

    For example, if you could get Vlingo to learn my voice, learn many of my commands, and even follow me to my PC as a web app or downloadable PC app, there you would already have something that rivals and in some respects beats Siri.

    • TJ

      I don’t think cheap is the right word, Gordon. Pepsi and Coke have made a pretty good living comparing themselves against the other. This type of thing is fairly common. Additionally, you have a lot of “me too” apps that have popped up in the last couple months (many of which I would call cheap), and if Vlingo doesn’t try to tell its story it becomes difficult for current and future customers to know that this is a fight we’re out to win.

      The reality is that Apple is a market maker. And when they released Siri the world changed. We have total confidence in our product, and believe that in many ways we have a superior product today. We also acknowledge that Siri does an excellent job in some areas where we still have work to do. But we’re committed to building great products, and believe in our ability to execute against our long term vision.

  • rick Jackson

    It is just awesome on the Samsung Gallaxy S2.
    You can even configure the greeting that you get. For ex. Hi (your name) how can I help. Or get it to say whatever you want.

    I can’t be without it.

    • mrskittens

      I’m glad I’m not the lone voice here.  It is clear that many have not actually tried the capabilities that Vlingo had way before Siri and have not compared how much better Vlingo does with it.  Hopefully others will chime in..

      I’m gonna sign out because Vlingo reminded me I have an appointment.  Good day all 🙂

  • Andrew Raia

    It may do the same thing but it doesn’t work nearly as well. It also doesn’t use natural conversation, you need to use specific key phrases etc.

  • Andrew Raia

    yeah, half the stuff you ask returns a google search.

  • mrskittens

    It’s been around, with the same rating, on Blackberrry, too.  It is now free for every owner of a model that runs it (most.)  I am creating this post with it now.

    Thank you for being more complete in the future.


    One of the few people who still happily uses a Blackberry.

  • Lfaust58

    So far, I’m enjoying Vlingo on my Android. But my main issue is the “wake up word”- only works maybe 20% of the time. Granted I’m not using a Bluetooth headset. Like many of the prior posts, I get Google searches too. The challenge is to learn what action words to use- launch applications with “open”. Using “play” for music will get a google search. “Open Pandora” will both open the Pandora application and start playing music.

  • Roman

    For people, who say that half of the commands returns search:

  • Funkifized

    I leave my 3G network off, and sometimes use Wi-fi when available. Can Vlingo turn on the network by voice activation? Leaving either 3G or Wi-fi on just drains the battery. 

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Vlingo has some work to do if it wants to be considered an equal to Siri on the knowledge search side of things.  It doesn’t compete well with even Speaktoit or Skyvi when it comes to knowledge search.  It is AWESOME when it comes to voice dictation of text, email or voice dialing.  Unequaled.  But it falls down with things like:

    1) What is 15% of $62.50 (great for restaurants, store sales, etc.)  It says “no answer.”

    2) Set an alarm for 1:30pm today.  It Google searches.

    3) Location based searches are horrible. Say “Find the nearest McDonalds.”  It returns a list that isn’t even in order of distance to you.  There isn’t an overview map of the locations. And CitySearch is no Google. It pulls in things that definitely aren’t McDonalds – such as Dr. McDonald.  Try that same search on Speaktoit.  They have a great user experience on this feature.

    4) It basically has no P.I.M. functionality at all.  No calendar integration – etc.

    5) It’s supposed Kayak, Fandango and OpenTable integration is far from “natural language processing.”  A service that needs certain keywords or phrases to work isn’t competitive with Siri.  I said “find airline tickets from Des Moines Iowa to San Diego California.”  It opened a Google search. That should open Kayak.  I don’t think that is an unreasonable expectation.   I shouldn’t have to look up the key phrase to speak. Saying “Find dinner reservations for Saturday night” starts a Google search for “for saturday night.” 

    6) It has no conversation mode ability.  Any search must be canceled, and then Vlingo reactivated to start the next one. 

    7) It knows nothing about weather.  Anything dealing with weather returns a Google search only.

    I love Vlingo.  I use it every day.  What it does, it does well. In a pre-Siri world, the ability to Google search by voice was cool.  Now the bar has moved.  Lets hope Vlingo moves with it, quickly. 

    • TJ

      Great comments here, thanks very much. We agree entirely with your sentiment that the world has changed in many ways after the 4S. The good news is that much of the functionality you mention is on our roadmap, and we expect to surpass what Siri offers in the first half of 2012.

      Of course, it would only be fair to mention things like the ability to update Facebook and Twitter, check in with foursquare, and open popular 3rd party services like Spotify and Pandora, all of which Vlingo can do today and Siri cannot. We also think we have best in class handsfree functionality around InCar with our wake up word.

      We certainly hope you keep up on our releases as they come out. Glad to hear you find us helpful enough to use us everyday. We promise it will only get better.

  • Anonymous

    Here is an excellent summary of the state of Siri alternatives for Android:


    It would be nice if we can send SMS through Google Voice app (this is different than Voice Search/Actions app) and not just through the stock SMS app. Most apps let me choose between sending an SMS through stock app or Google Voice app. Vlingo is the only one that sends through stock SMS without asking. Please add support for Google Voice texting.

    • TJ

      We’d love to! Unfortunately, that is not something that Google exposes to developers. They position themselves as the truly “open” platform, but the reality is Google still keeps some services off limits. Google Voice is one of them.

  • Fatima

    These features are really what i need for my iphone.


  • Cuanto lo Siento

    Update your status or check in on sites like Facebook, Twitter and foursquare””

    Well it does not update without me toutching the phone. 

    “Leave vlingo in car to preform action ?” or somting is the reply from the phone.
    and it stop lisning to commands.

  • As

    why the hell would i download and install such a crappy software?
    “the answer to siri”?, my GS2 dosnt work cause of yout SHITTY app.


  • Mot 1997

    Is there anyway to use vlingo without having to connect to the internet/wifi/3g

  • Alan Kelly

    Not all of us using cell phones have unlimited data plans.

    Vlingo and Siri both use internet and server-side voice processing, for which speaking “Tell my wife I will be home late” is less data intensive than “What sushi restaurant is next to a Verizon wireless store in Butte, Montana.”Has Vlingo a means to display or speak its own data useage, for instance, “Vlingo, how much data did that use?”

  • Lebluefuzzy

    Ummm how do I tell it to remind me about something in 30 minutes or so?????

  • Barbara

    Dropped my Incredible 4 and cracked the screen. New one came and I was working on recreating my stuff. However, I can’t download Vlingo because I get the message “We detected you are running a version of Android OS 1.x. Says I need Operating System 2.0 or above. I got a phone with a lesser operating system than I had before?

  • Khadija Ishaq

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