Are you one of the millions of iPhone owners who has not upgraded to the 4S, but think you deserve the help of a Virtual Assistant?

You can Download Vlingo on the AppStore Here

When Apple launched Siri last month it sparked the desire for many to turn their mobile phone into a personal assistant.  Siri is great, but only for those people lucky enough to get their hands on an  iPhone 4GS.  Many hoped Apple would offer a version of Siri for older iPhone models, but Apple has since announced that it will not make Siri available for iPhone 3G, 3GS or 4 owners.

This leaves millions of people who don’t want to spend the money on an upgrade, or are locked into an existing contract, longing for a Siri alternative.

Fortunately, we have good news.  Vlingo has offered iPhone customers a voice-powered Assistant for years, and its full functionality is available for everyone – iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S.   Better still, Vlingo is free for all on the Apple AppStore.

The Vlingo Virtual Assistant can help you do many of the things that Siri does, like…

  • Send messages (SMS or Email)
  • Search the web
  • Find local businesses
  • Get directions
  • Voice dial

Vlingo can even do tasks that Siri cannot, like update your Facebook status or send out a Tweet, all with a simple voice command.

You can Download Vlingo on the AppStore Here

No need to take our word for it, though.  Here are some actual user reviews from the AppStore:

Watch out Siri! *****

by Parks Dekle

“Definitely gives 3GS and 4 owners a reason not to upgrade. Thanks Vlingo!”

Great! *****

by Envaz

“Siri like for free!”

Works great *****

by Wilson Cirilo

“Searched for something like this after watching siri at the keynote…Its pretty much alike…”



  • Chyna1973

    Sucks the life out of your battery . . . and it needs to have Vlingo Everywhere like the Blackberry . . .

  • Guest

    wish it could talk to me

  • Jacques Fressinet

    Please provide a French version as for other phones platform !
    That would be a real siri beater ! 🙂

  • Timothy Eric

    Where’s Vlingo everywhere?  In Car Mode?

  • Luciano

    Congratulatios for the App! Do You have any idea when Portuguese -BR
    language will be available? Actually there is no personal assistant with
    this language. I guess Who first implement Portuguese-BR language will
    catch hundreds and hundreds of new Customers…

    • TJ

      We’re working on new languages all the time, Luciano. I can’t offer specifics on release dates, but I can tell you that many Brazilians like yourself have advocated for Portuguese-BR and that we’ve heard you. We’ll keep adding new ones as fast as we can.

  • Nykia Pack

    I love it so far

  • Noah

    Loving this app

  • Money Talks News

    Any more on Siri?

  • Jackson-tina

    Love the app. It takes some getting used to, just as Siri, I’m sure. It is freaky how accurate it is! Thank you Vlingo!

  • NAM

    I am a Apple iphone user.  I have contacts with the same first name and when I send a voice message it picks the first one and I do not wish that person.  Is there a separate directory that I can make with Vlingo or  >

  • Aewfawkj

    ROFL Type in “Where can I bury a dead body?” 

  • elizibeth madi

    i really need to download this on my 4!!!!!!!

  • Mario Venerius

    Yeah yeah yeah all nice talks but half of the functions shown here won’t work on a Blackberry!!! What’s the (faking) deal here?

  • Jay

    SMOKED my battery on iPhone 3GS. I didnt even use it and my battery drained wicked fast. Uninstalled and havent had the problem since. What made this happen? Is there a setting that won’t do this?