Excitement has been brewing for MONTHS here in the Vlingo offices.  We’ve been crossing days off on our calendars waiting for the launch of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy SII.  It was set to be launched in the US on Monday but due to severe conditions on the east coast from Hurricane Irene, Samsung had to postpone the launch until yesterday.  Despite the 1 day delay, the launch went off yesterday without a hitch.  The device is the thinnest 4G smartphone on the market, has a powerful (and colorful!) screen, allows users to multi-task  and comes complete with awesome features designed to give Android smartphone users an incredible experience!

There is a reason for Vlingo’s excitement! Back in February, you may remember, Samsung announced a partnership with Vlingo to power Voice Talk on the SII.

With Voice Talk you can access the voice commands menu by pressing the home button twice, no matter what application you’re in. From the menu, you can activate voice actions by saying, “Hi Galaxy,” and you’ll be asked what you’d like to do – make a call, send a text, get driving directions, or write a memo right with your voice. Pretty cool right?

For the grand unveiling, Samsung hosted a press event and invited top notch reporters to check out the new phone and all of its features!  Check out a few pieces on Vlingo Voice Talk!

The Samsung Galaxy SII is one of the highest selling smartphones in the world today.  Be sure to get your Samsung Galaxy SII as soon as it hits your carrier stores!

  • Axo409

    This is one of the many features that sold me on the S2…Cant wait for Oct 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/vivalaviola Viola Naulty

      your an idiot

  • Garry Kelsall

    Hi, I have a galaxy S2. It has on it Vlingo” Voice Talk”, Vlingo “Voice command” and I can install Vlingo Assistant from the Android market – I’m confused! Help.

    • Bajkerbgd

      Let me help you… DON’T!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maxim-Areschenko/1346148222 Maxim Areschenko

    I HATE that program that launches each time I occasionally double click home button on my Samsung Galaxy SII. And it starts to asking me what to DO. No way to disable that useless for RUSSIA feature that I consider as imposed SW or even malware.

    In all settings I switched it OFF! But it launches each time.. even if phone is locked.

    have to root the phone and burn it away with hot iron… i nothing will help

  • Allan Jackson40

    How can I cancel the Galaxy S when it gets in a confused state? I cannot use my hands or arms at all, this would be very useful to me. Thanks, Allan Jackson

  • Conspiracyband

    Maybe someone can help??? I dictated a memo to myself. How do I play it back or find it later on???? I have know idea how to find the memo?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=862810505 April Gelbart

    I’m confused. My new Galaxy s2 requires me to hit a button to dial a call… how is that hands-free again?

  • Marco

    This is the biggest, most annoying piece of crap on what is otherwise a great phone. It is not just double tapping the home key that brings it up – this bloody app has a mind of its own. It is so bloody annyoing and short from rooting your phone, there is no way to get rid of this shyte.

    Search Vlingo and Samsung Galaxy S2 and you will find LOADS of sites with S2 users complaining about Vlingo but neither VLingo nor Samsung gives a toss.

    This happens when you have a knee-jerk reaction to the iPhone and Siri.

    Soon as my phone is out of warranty, I am rooting it and getting rid of this piece of shyte

  • Javier Kohan

    Help !!. Someone please tell me how to remove this piece of s….oftware from my SSG2 !!
    Seems like Samsung earned good money obligating their users to have it installed in their phones without any posibility of removing it without losing their warranty (ie rooting it)
    Please, if anybody knows how, tell me.
    Samsung: Shame on you.

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    Great review about this..i like your post..thanks! 

  • exTNT

    I can imagine the integration of Vlingo into SGS2 was driven by good intentions but I think it would be fair to let us users / paying customers to be able to switch it off.
    I have an original Samsung car holder for the phone installed in a recent VW Passat with their Premium BT handsfree set. The Premium set actually “borrows” the SIM card of the phone via BT, leaving the phone itself without network connection – this is what I wanted as a part of the Premium set is an external GSM antenna so even in areas with weak signal I still get connection unlike when in the past I was only using the phone’s antenna in the car.
    Besides (as all necessary phone / sms related information is displayed on the car’s LCD screen) I have the holder installed inside the armrest between the front seats. Hence it is utterly useless to have the Vlingo started every time I plug the phone in as a) I cannot look at the phone anyway as it is hidden and b) the phone functions are taken over by the car anyway. For navigation I do not use the phone as I have a dedicated one which suits me better.
    And last but not least the Vlingo does not offer Czech localisation which makes it useless for a majority of my contact list as the american pronounciation of the Czech names with accented characters is nothing but funny.
    Accidentally I switched Vlingo on by double tapping the home button a few times only which does not bother me too much but as I do not need the application at all, I kind of do not understand why am I forced to live with it.
    So as the only effect of Vlingo for me is that after plugging the phone into the car holder (on average 5 times a day) I need to unlock the screen, switch Vlingo off and lock the screen again which is pretty annoying, I would really appreciate the possibility to have it switched off by default or to be able to switch it off permanently in the settings.

  • Ronbaird

    Ok, I thought I was ready to ditch my Blackberry for the S2. I rely on my phone for my living, can’t have any annoying isues. So please will a representative from Vlingo/Samsung lay to rest all the negative issues listed below. It’s 02/22/2012 have these problems been corrected? Thanks inadvance for your prompt reply.

  • Phredog

    Tell us how to remove it!  The product is horrible.  Your product has really turned me off from Android.  Maybe I should return this damn thing and get an iPhone.

  • Phredog

    Your app makes a perfect phone into crap!

  • Angrybird

    My gried just bought one. I told him to retun it on Monday because voice talk renders it unusable!


    You dears are the worst application producer on earth!!!! Not only that your app is the worst ever, you are full of lies and have no respect for your clients.
    Why have you removed the page that was on this link: blog.vlingo.com/samsung-galaxy-voice-talk/?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I will tell you why!! because it had more than 450 comments, and NONE OF THEM was a positive review.This is to show how worthless and crappy you are.I wish samsung never do business with you.

    • GUEST

       Ok I guess the page is still there but you have to write something after the last “/”. by luck it took “?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” that i posted in the link and bam the page opened.
      But you still suck

  • Wes

     When will it finally be possible to have the freedom to turn the app permantly off or remove it from your phone. I don’t like the way it works i don’t want it to boot up with every double click. I love my samsung galaxy s2 but this app sure takes the fun out of it.

    If you people are so confident about the software being good then give people the possibility to remove it or turn it off. If it’s good then people won’t remove it. If it sucks then yeah… not my problem.

    • Lord

      If you don’t know how to turn it off , use thus way :1 Open VOICE TALK, 2 go to settings , 3 Click on LAUNCH VOICE TALK ; and that’s it.

  • Gdf007

    Easy…. Install Go Launcher, open app drawer, long press voice command icon, Press un install, Vlingo gone! Un install go Launcher

    • Jbskornum

      Amazing! I’ve run across your post several times, but because it sounded so easy to fix, I always thought to myself that it wouldn’t work – but it did 😉

      NO MORE VLINGO – Yay!!!

  • Guest

    This app is an utterly useless nuisance. Especially with the way it accidently activates via double tapping the home button.

    Not providing a way to turn it off shows what complete contempt the decision makers at Vlingo and Samsung have for its customers.

  • Guest

    For the love of god I hope Samsung doesn’t install your software on future phone models. Voice command is a mindblowingly annoying feature that I cannot turn off on the Galaxy SII.

  • Crap

    The most annoying pile of crap ever written..ruins the s2 so why samsung would team up with this lord knows…. Its so annoying it puts me off ever having anither samsung phone !!

  • Øyvind Alexander Frivold

    i never dubbletap my home button, and it still fucks me.
    it starts at any time asking me “what i would like to do” and i tel it that i want it gone, but it does not understand.
    it drains my battery and stops the battery from charging. it suddenly goes to car mode when the phone is just lying on the table and there are many more problems.

    if i wanted this useless crap i would have installed it on my own.
    i bought my phone without this app. how can it be legal to force it on me? have i signed some contract that said samsung could fill my phone with malware at their pleasure? if that is the case they have lost a customer.

    shame on you samsung

    to the creators of vlingo: kill yourself.

  • Patrick aka. UsersOfTheWorld

    I would like to agree with everyone in here and verbally step it up a notch; EAT SHIT AND DIE vlingo! Your product is terrible disgrace to mankind, and the cruelty of your decision to make it unrefuckingmovable is mindblowing. (Not even Go Launcher can help me!) I have never been more pissed off on software, and that really says a lot after 10 years of Windows use, etc. Shame on you, filthy fuckers.

    • http://www.facebook.com/vivalaviola Viola Naulty

      i agree – so angry, and being with optarse just makes it a magic experience

  • shawn

    How do i get memo feature on voice talk. I do not have it

  • bp

    This pop up on my phone does my head in so much so i am moving to an iPone. I find it hard to believe it is forced apon me in this way. The phone has so much crap foced on me but this app just takes the piss.
    Samsung this is an epic FAIL!

  • s2 user

    grrrr. just got the s2 on contract i was so pleased with it, until i accidently accepted vlingo!! now it keeps talking to me when i press the home key. will a factory restore remove it ?? has anyone done this and got rid of it.cheers.

  • http://twitter.com/dcvegariv David C. Vega Rivera

    I really hate when vlingo comes up after double click on my samsung galaxy SII. Freedom, freedom s all I am asking to decide the apps I need.

    • exTNT

      After the update to android 4.1.2 it is finally very easy

    • exTNT

      Just go to settings, applications manager, find “voice commands”, click it and select disable. Might be a different wording since I am translating the names from my Czech version…

    • exTNT

      It’s the bottom icon after it has been disabled.