Samsung’s released a new ad for the Samsung Galaxy S II. The premise? You’re ice fishing and the weather conditions ramp up to the point where you need an emergency exit. Text your buddy to bring the dogsled! But first you have to take your gloves off and make sure your fingers don’t freeze as you’re trying to type on an on-screen keyboard.

This is where Samsung introduces Voice Talk – Samsung’s Vlingo-powered voice integration. Cool stuff, but something else in this ad caught my eye more than anything – “Before Galaxy S II” and “After Galaxy S II”. The G in both of those lines are D and C before they “flip” into a G.

Is Samsung saying this phone is a god-send? The second coming of a certain religious figure? That’d be a pretty bold statement if so, and I’m not in any position to say it is or isn’t that good, but I can say that it is a damn good phone. Video’s above if you care.

  • Myles

    and the videos are where?

  • Guinstar01

    i got my phone yesterday & by the time i was setting it up, i wanted to throw it out the window. your vlingo app makes it rediculous to do anything on it. everything you do, it says- ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! where is the off switch? OH THERE ISNT ONE.. every post i’ve read has been nothing but complaints and you must of seriously paid some people to write even the DECENT things that have been said. Figure out a way to get this THING off my phone.. it wasnt your right to make it a permanent fixture!!!!