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August 12, 2011

BBJ: Vlingo nabs victory in Nuance patent spat

A Boston jury has handed a victory to Cambridge-based Vlingo Corp. in a patent dispute with Nuance Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: NUAN), a rival in speech-recognition software. A jury in Federal District Court in Boston found Vlingo had not infringed any of Nuance's patents. However, the jury also affirmed one of Nuance’s patents, which Vlingo had argued was ...more »

July 8, 2011

Vlingo 3.0 brings better language support, more streamlined UI, and more

If you’re not completely in love with the built-in voice actions that Google provides for your Android handset, you’re probably using Vlingo right now. This voice control application is one of the best alternatives you can find today and it recently got the bump to version 3.0. So what’s different in Vlingo 3.0, you ...more »

April 21, 2011

Samsung Likens Their Galaxy S II to Religious Figure in New Ad [Video]

Samsung’s released a new ad for the Samsung Galaxy S II. The premise? You’re ice fishing and the weather conditions ramp up to the point where you need an emergency exit. Text your buddy to bring the dogsled! But first you have to take your gloves off and make sure your fingers don’t ...more »

February 17, 2011

At Mobile Trade Show, Companies Praise Google For Leadership

Mobile companies have been wary of Google since it launched its Android operating system in 2008. Some mobile firms, such as Nokia, continue to keep a careful distance from Google. But others have been praising Google at Mobile World Congress, the big telecom trade show in Barcelona, Spain this week. The search giant, these ...more »

January 21, 2011

How Vlingo’s mobile personal assistant makes money

We’ve been promised for a while now that our phones will become our personal assistants. Executives from Cambridge, Mass.-basedVlingo sat down with me this week to talk about how they’ve delivered on that promise — and started turning it into real revenue. It seems like all the big guys are trying to get ...more »

October 23, 2010

Vlingo: Turning Your Words into Action

Yesterday, we had a chance to catch up with Dave Grannan, CEO of Vlingo, one of the hottest Boston based innovators of voice technology for mobile devices. For those not familiar with Vlingo, they create intelligent voice-applications for mobile devices that turn your words into actions. To Vlingo, the idea is that speaking ...more »