To celebrate being the #1 app on the Ovi Store by Nokia, Vlingo and Nokia are pleased to announce a special offer! For a limited time only, we’re offering Vlingo Plus for 33% off! Just go to the Ovi Store by Nokia and download Vlingo. Once you’re thrilled with the free version of Vlingo, you’ll have the opportunity to buy Vlingo Plus for 33% off. This promotion ends on November 15th, so don’t forget to buy before then!

To download Vlingo from Ovi, just click here

Check out some of the most recent reviews on the Ovi Store:

by: ace_01 – 54 minutes ago
omg! So freakin cool!

by: zeebest007 – 13 hours ago
very useful

by: kaighin – 23 hours ago
excelent app

by: mbrookes76 – 1 day ago
i had this app on my blackberry fantastic to see its now available for my N97.. Well worth downloading.. Shame its not 100% free tho but would pay the fee to use it to it’s fullest compatability.. Great to use when your driving handsfree technology

by: 0044Arth – 1 day ago
voice recognization is unbelievable!

by: Ahmed.zizo – 1 day ago

get it
by: ogdobber – 5 days ago
works perfect. great for messaging while driving

Hadley Harris
Vice President of Consumer Business