We’re super excited to be offering an amazing deal in conjunction with our friends at Nokia.  As part of an Ovi Store promotion featuring apps that help “create more time in your day,” now through September 3rd Nokia users worldwide can get Vlingo Plus for the amazing price of just €3 or the equivalent in your home currency.

That’s over 50% off!!

We’re privileged to share the stage with other great utilities and tools like Snapfish, Opera and Quick Office.  Click here to purchase a copy of Vlingo Plus before the promotion ends on September 3rd.

In addition, we’ve also launched a Facebook Contest where we’ll be giving away some great prizes:

Grand Prize (2)

  • Brand new, unlocked X6 smartphone from Nokia
  • Copy of Vlingo Plus

Second Prize (2)

  • Brand new, unlocked 5233 smartphone from Nokia
  • Copy of Vlingo Plus

Click Here to “Like” Vlingo on Facebook and enter the contest

Here are a couple fun little facts for our Nokia customers as well…

Vlingo factoid #1: did you know that Vlingo for Nokia has been used by people in over 180 counties?  That’s almost every country in the world!

Vlingo factoid #2: of those 180 counties, did you know that the country with the most active Nokia users is the United Kingdom.

Cheers and Good Luck,


  • Anne

    I’m a (mostly) happy user of Vlingo on my Nokia E72. My next phone will be the Nokia N9 with MeeGo. Are you working on a MeeGo version of Vlingo? And will you improve the e-mail client in that version to (1) integrate with the phone’s client or (2) allow me to automatically bcc a copy of every message to a particular address or (3) at least let me pick the default account it sends from (mine currently tries to send from the first account alphabetically, which is the last one I would choose, requiring me to change it every single bloody time I send a message). In other words, the existing mail client is kind of a waste of space, but I have hopes that you’ll improve it one day and send me the upgrade. The messaging client works pretty well, so the $20 I spent on it wasn’t a total waste. Yeah, I bought it when it was expensive and I still like it. But I’d like it better if it did e-mail right. Thanks.

  • Sammyl

    Will there be a version of Vlingo for Nokia N9?

  • http://www.facebook.com/phanhoanggiang Hoang Giang Phan

    Same question , I really love a version for Nokia N9

  • http://twitter.com/Jeanz_G Jeanine

    i have an n9 and would love an app like this for my phone. especially since there are NO alternatives for this app for meego available anywhere.