Wow. That was the first thing that came to our minds when we read all your tributes. Just, Wow. There were so many honest, moving, and personal nominations that it made our job of picking winners incredibly difficult. Before anything else we wanted to say a big “Thank You” for sharing your stories, poems, and blessings with us this Mother’s Day. Clearly, there are a lot of Vlingo users out there (this blogger and my brand new little daughter included) who have the very good fortune of a strong mother to love and guide them through the years. That’s what Mother’s Day is all about – taking a little extra time to make sure these wonderful women feel our appreciation. And we must say you really came through in a big way. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of it with you.

In addition to the Grand Prize Winner and Runners Up, there were a ton submissions that deserved recognition. We had shrunken sweaters, Hindi proverbs, and even a little Engelbert Humperdinck. Here are a few other quotables that made us smile:

“As with most 6 year olds, he is a full time fire-cracker, part time trouble maker.” That description sounds strangely familiar…

“A drill sergeant, a cook, a medic, and the sweetness of cool summer morning is my Mom.” Maybe our favorite description of the contest. We know just want you mean 🙂

“I’m a mom and a wife, a full-time student, own a small business and run the mad menagerie of our lives.” Managing madness seems to be what Motherhood is all about!

“My boys always say — ‘Mom is going Vlingo again!’ Oh-Yeah!” Oh, Yeah is right!! That’s what we call setting a good example 😉

“Her picture is in the dictionary right next to the ‘Mothers Day.'” From all the great posts, it sounds like that page in Webster’s might be filled with photographs!

Okay. Now onto the Moment of Truth.

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner, who exemplifies what “working mom” is all about, and is now the lucky owner of a new Vlingo-supported smartphone of her choosing, a copy of Vlingo Plus and a Jabra headset:

Denise MacISAAC

Busy does not even begin to describe your life, Denise! We’re happy Vlingo helps you balance your daily heroics in some small way. You are a total rock star!

My wonderful husband introduced me to Vlingo! I am a mother of three by birth and often more by choice! Also adopted grandmother to an amazing 2 1/2 year old! I run two of my own businesses, of which I rely on my phone for emails, voice mail, and phone calls. Between keeping up with what is going on with our “kids” and running both business (oh by the way, looking into a third), I NEED my hands free so I can do more than one thing at a time! As busy as my life is my husband and all our kids come first and I can always use the help to keep organized! Thanks Vlingo!!!

And Runners Up, who can take their “On the Go” stylings to the next level with a copy of Vlingo Plus and a Jabra headset:

Mickey Matteson

“Technology allows me to be a better mom.” Aw, shucks. But truly, with a schedule like yours, you deserve ALL the credit.

I am a sales professionals for a global company, the mother of 3 children (9,10, and 13) and very dependent on technology. My day is full of juggling, smiling, karate, soccer, cheer, school work, being a taxi…and that is all before my job begins at 7ish. Did I mention that I travel for work all over the country on a …bi-weekly basis. That means juggle kids and their calendar posted online, phone calls late at night, and a demanding sales job that often times has me editing presentation and sending sales materials from the road where internet access can be spotty. Technology allows me to be a better mom. I am sure any working mother would agree….without it we would just be average. So thank you to all the moms out there that are hanging on by their teeth, driving from appointment to appointment, praying for a vacation, and especially to technology companies that allow us to do it all and then some with grace.

Ellen Beck

This beautifully illustrates that being a great “Mom” is much more about a state of being than a birthright.

This tribute is to Aunt Mary- my own Mom passed away-Aunt Mary stepped in and gave us comfort. She wraps her arms round us keeping us together, always giving of herself and her time. She never had children of her own, and took care of our Grandparents until their passing. For a woman who has never had kids, she treats …all of her nieces and nephews with love and respect. She has never had a lot, and she asks for nothing for herself, so I will ask for her- she deserves a Mother’s Day prize for being a Mother to so many in so many ways. Thanks for giving her a chance. I also follow you on Twitter!

You all put us in a generous mood, so we also wanted to award a bright shiny copy of Vlingo Plus to the following Honorable Mentions:

  • Michelle Putzrath Goldberg
  • Jacob Reynolds
  • Lori Tourish
  • Waiki Cheng
  • Ryan Mills
  • Pamela Grant
  • Hardeep Singh
  • Marie Hailey Osypian
  • Jay Presley
  • Thomas Stevens
  • Angela Akinniyi
  • Allen Gaddis
  • Alvin Copeland
  • Albert Cotton
  • Lisa King
  • Jessica L Lane

Thank you once again to all our participants. It was a wonderful week sharing in all your Mom-related goodness. We’ll certainly be back with another installment next year. In the meantime, remember to listen to your mothers and EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!!

TJ Leonard, Director, Marketing

  • Hardeep

    Thank U for having an awesome contest and recognizing my effort. Congratulations to all the winners & waiting for my Vlingo plus account. 🙂

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    Wow, thanks, Vlingo!


    Thank you so much!

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    WOW! Awesome! Thanks Vlingo!

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    Thanks so much- and thank you from Aunt Mary- if you could experience one of her hugs, well, you would know how wonderful she is too!

  • Jay

    Thanks for Vlingo Plus. Hope to get it soon.