This chart presents a comparative look at the features offered by the three  primary players who use voice recognition as a component in voice-assisted services.   While there are other options in the market offering pieces of voice-assisted functionality, only Apple, Google,  and Vlingo deliver a fully integrated experience.
For the comparison, we looked at the Vlingo Virtual Assistant on Android, Google Voice Actions, Apple Voice Control (the “present” of iOS) and the combination of features available on Apple Voice Control, the Siri Personal Assistant and the Nuance Dragon applications  (the potential “future” of iOS).


*Based on the current version of the Vlingo Virtual Assistant for Android.  The platform’s capabilities allow for the wider deployment of Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant functionalities. Vlingo for iPhone expects to have the same capabilities enabled by the end of Q3.

**Based on the Google Voice Actions Android application

***Based on Apple Voice Control

****Based on Apple Voice Control plus the features available via the Siri  Personal Assistant and the Nuance Dragon applications

  • passinthru

    Would it be cheating if you just passed along requests for “Listen to” (music) and “Note to Self” to Google Voice Rec?   

  • Anon

    Would love to have the play music available…

  • Bpierce815

    Really clinging so far has surpassed my expectations. However to be able yo search and play music would make this app perfect.