One of the industry leading awards has kicked off its 2011 nominations and we want you to help us win! “The Mashable Awards is a community-nominated voting program that recognizes the companies, people and projects that made the biggest impact on the digital landscape this year.” We are asking all of you, our loyal supports and users, to nominate Vlingo as the “Most Innovative App” of 2011.

Here’s how it works. Nominations are accepted through Friday, November 18. Simply click the big blue button to above (you can’t miss it!) and you can automatically cast your vote for Vlingo! After November 18, the Mashable’s editors will select the top seven finalists to move on to the next & final round beginning on November 21. Help us become a finalist by casting your vote today!

We thank you in advance for your vote!

  • Mi64944876

    Great app!

  • Ben Gregg

    Love it!  You don’t need an iPhone 4S to get awesome voice recognition on your phone!  Vlingo works on iPhone 4 and 3GS, as well as Android (any phone running 2.1 or higher) and it’s free!

  • Cjohn123

    searching for the right speech to text for my samsung galaxy android and this loaded and worked straight away for free, great app

  • JayHawk67

    I’m happy that the iPhone 4S came out with Siri because it generated a lot of interest in the mobile phone world.  This interest is generating a lot of interest in Vlingo which makes me happy as an avid Vlingo user.  Go Vlingo!

  • Shepherdcrane

    This is how you WANT to interact with your phone.

  • Raz2058

    need more language like Hebrew 

  • Vicolivares

    Who needs Suri when there’s Vlingo?

  • Guest

    wonder when vlingo will talk back to us?