We’ve seen quite a few comments in the blogosphere regarding the Double Tap and TTS features of Voice Talk on the Samsung Galaxy SII. Customers are accidently triggering the double tap feature and other customers want to minimize the text to speech functionality.  As a result we wanted to share a few tips and tricks to help you better manage how you interact with the app.

1)    Disable double-tap feature

  • Open your phones “Settings”, then select “Motion settings”. From there you can uncheck “Double Tap”.

2)    Turn off Driving Mode to minimize TTS feedback

  • Open your phones “Settings”, select “Voice input and output, then “Text-to-Speech”.  Uncheck “Driving mode”.

Hope this helps!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=286001504 David Bowes

    I was so pleased to see this, however when I go to Settings >> Motion the motion activation is already disabled meaning the other 4 options are greyed out.

    Enabling Motion Activation allows the double tap option to be seen but it’s already off.
    This is on a Vodafone SGS2 with ICS. Do you have any other ideas?

    • http://blog.databigbang.com Sebastian Wain

      Same experience here with a movistar/SGS2/ICS Vlingo must take it very serious since it is harming their brand.



  • Ash

    Doesn’t work disabling double tap for me! Still getting the annoying Voice Talk!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=286001504 David Bowes

      It’s a shame as I like the product a lot, just the button seems too easily double-pressed to be useful.

    • Ruq264

      Open the voice talk, open options menu then click on setting and disable the launch on double home key pressed thingy. That should help.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=286001504 David Bowes

        That takes you to the same place as the OP and it’s still already unticked. The setting and the functionality don’t appear connected.

  • Erin

    HI!  The ways listed above worked on the phones we tested in our offices. However, phones can be set up differently based on country and/or carrier.  If you’re still experiencing issues, Vlingo’s support team may be able to help you. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/geir.fladseth Geir Fladseth

    Why cant you make an option to remove the program, its really annoying when I don’t have use for it.

  • Sean

    I agree, Vlingo is effectively useless and it is driving me up the wall. I want to disable or uninstall this software. for me its gotten to the point where i am considering getting rid of my Galaxy S2 in favor of a, dare i say it, an iPhone. Yuck but at least i know that the Suri function can be disabled and i don’t have to use it. The voice control stuff cant be that hard, Nokia had an awesome hands free voice dial system on the E52, why can Vlingo make theirs work????

  • Sean

    Found this on another site, i tried it and it works, horay no more Vlingo.

    Most of the times, you need to dig deep into the google search
    results to find what you’re looking for. And in the case of disabling
    VLingo Voice Command on Samsung Galaxy SII, Google found a post about it
    in androidforums. The procedure is too damn simple anyone could have
    simply ignored it. Luckily, there are helpful souls who shares what they
    find out to free us from the chainballs of VLingo without rooting your
    beloved device.

    Here are the steps:
    1. Install Go Launcher EX from Google Play. It’s free!
    2. Open the app drawer.
    3. Press and hold on the blue Voice Command icon until it starts shaking.
    4. Click on the X button and choose uninstall. Follow the instructions.
    5. Optionally, you can uninstall Go Launcher EX.

    That’s it. It’s that damn simple. And the bonus here is that you can
    di the same procedure on other crapwares that comes with the official
    ROM. It worked on my Samsung Galaxy S II running the latest Ice Cream
    Sandwich for SGS2. Hopefully, it will still work for those who are still
    at Gingerbread. But I don’t know why would anybody not want a taste of
    Ice Cream Sandwich.




    • AndySteel2

      Thank you! Finally gone!

    • Ryan

      the blue Voice Command icon starts shaking but no x button appears, can you help?

      • ome

        same problem it really dont shake ! i thinks it on shakes on gingerbread !

      • Angbobanj

        I’m having the same problem. Now I have two programs I don’t want. : (

    • Bec

      omg thank you so so much! Even when I had my phone on silent vlingo would start saying “what would you like to do?”at full volume! created more than one embarrassing situation and I was ready to year my hair out over it! even disabling double tap in the settings didn’t work, but thankfully go launcher ex has done the trick. thank you so much for sharing.

    • toledo

      doesnt work wiht jelly bean, what do i do?

  • Disgruntled

    This simply does not work on the samsung galaxy s2.  Shame on you vlingo.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Friendless.Farrell John Farrell

    No, that didn’t help. My phone has ICS with Motion settings completely disabled, and Vlingo still insists on popping up. I’ve now followed the Go Launcher Ex path of removing it, and will never ever install another Vlingo product. For that matter, given Samsung’s affection for voice control, I probably won’t buy another Samsung phone. This partnership is a disaster for both of you.



  • Liz

    Vlingo does not seem to recognize my commands. How can I fix this?

  • Vlingo….the worst!

    Use Linda Manager from app store to remove Vlingo. The most frustrating useless app i have ever seen, no option to even turn it off! Disabling double tap does nothing leaving you no option but to either smash your phone in frustration or get a third party app to remove it completly. Amazing this company still even exists if this buggy, optionless, dinosaur of an app is all thay can come up with!!

    • Vlingo….Shit

      wat do u do with linda manager to uninstall Vlingo

      • Ben Cheever

        I could find no way, whatsoever, to use Linda to uninstall it. All it does is show me the sdcard0 storage. That makes it about the most useless file manager I’ve ever seen on Android. Here’s a tip, if you tell someone to use something to help them get rid of it. Maybe include step by step instructions! 🙂 I like ES File Explorer, which is by far one of my favorite file managers. and it turns out that the new version of ES file explorer even has a home screen icon for apps where you can see a list of apps and choose to uninstall them. Unfortunately, to uninstall voice command here (or any of the other bloatware apps that Samsung things you need) it requires root access. It’s not that I don’t know how to root my phone. It’s that I don’t want to HAVE TO ROOT my phone to remove useless crap that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Hence why I never buy Samsung smartphones anymore and if it wasn’t for this being a loaner borrowed from a friend, I would throw it in the trash 🙂

  • faceruck

    I hate when this shitty SW pops up when I dock phone to my car charger.How to disable it?

  • nspjblac

    to disable vlingo welcome message (WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO!)

    open VOICE TALK
    menu->settings->voice talk settings->deselect wake up command
    tested on gingerbread

  • Ankit Kumar Jain

    This doesn’t help…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/suesimmons12 Sue Simmons

    I feel like throwing my phone in the bin, it is so annoying, everytime I make a call or try to text this awful programme comes up. I hate it so much on my upgrade I am considering getting an iphone 5. I want to uninstall this programme. I have done all the advise above and still it comes up.

  • tcordero

    can someone plz tell me how to turn off voice talk. it’s driving me insane…

  • Kimberley

    It already was unticked and the stupid thing still launches! And i swear it launches when i single tap half the time too. Provide a PROPER off-switch fix!!! This thing makes me hate my SGS2!!!

  • Ramesh lamchhane

    like this

  • kk

    Vlingo its high time for you to do something useful. Just g0 away from my phone.. u r sick

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=566929993 Geoffrey Brown

    The Vlingo application that appears to come with a Samsung update is the most ridiculous distribution of software I have seen. To not allow the user to be able to disable it uninstall it is INSANE.
    The app just keeps coming to the foreground constantly competing with anything else you are using the phone for and pretty much making it unusable. In addition the battery is drained in no time at all.
    With the limited options to get rid of it it is now pretty much the case that the phone has gone to the rubbish bin and Ill be keeping away from Samsung/Vlingo for a very long time!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=566929993 Geoffrey Brown

      After posting this message I got an email from Samsung with a contact number provided. Called this and spoke to a Samsung person. Initially they told me that Samsung had no control over what google bundles with android. I pointed out that this is an official samsung download for the phone and Vlingo is an app and so it is entirely Samsungs choice to include it and also Samsungs choice to not allow it to be disabled. After some dialog with what appeared to be a clueless customer support rep they eventually agreed that Samsung have forced this on us and that it is not possible to speak to anyone about this.
      Quite frankly not only is Samsung customer reps fucking clueless and attempt to misrepresent the reality of the situation but the company is fucking clueless about what its customers want. If the app is so great then let users be able to disable/delete it. They wont if it is that great.
      It would seem that Samsung has completly forgotton about who is important – the customer. They are more interested in licking Vlingo ass in some sort of partnership deal then anything else.
      Sounds like morons now heads Samsung !


  • Rich

    Go Launcher keep saying “uninstall not successful”… I’m going nuts!!! Someone help me please!!!

  • Nathaniel Taylor

    Poor program design Vlingo. Very sloppy.

  • Euren Pio

    I had problem with my samsung galaxy s2. Started speaking when changing homescreens. Turned it off by disable google-text-to-speech and samsung-text-to-speech in application manager- all applications . scroll down , choose app and disable and force stopp.

  • Vlingo ur a fucking joke

    I’ve had enough. Samsung you jam this phone and its annoying voice talk up your arse. Obviously there has been testing to see how crap this app is..can’t disable can’t install so Vodafone and Samsung can go fuck themselves… Vodafone your contract is null and void because of this

  • dreddakiller

    When i play pokemon on my Galaxy sii, driving mode randomly opens and interferes with my game. It vibrates non stop for a couple minutes and it opens voice talk AND driving mode. I want this problem fixed, and i want it done asap.. -_-

  • ange

    I thought i was the only one with this problem.
    It is even difficult for me to do basic functions on my phone, and even as i was typing this, voice talk AND driving mode popped up. sometimes they pop up without my even touching my phone. I cant uncheck the driving mode function because its not even on! yet it keeps popping up. I cant even listen to music either when this happens. And it happens all the time. sometimes its just crazy itll pop up 3 times in a row. in the time i typed this it popped up 4 times. i cant even use my phone anymore. i thought i was buying something top of the line but now i see it has all sorts of problems. Never will i ever buy a samsung phone or recommend one to a friend.

  • juliet

    its freaking annoying

  • juliet

    why cant this damn vlingo or whatever it is just gooo.i have tried everything, followed all the steps but yet…… i need to throw this frustrating fon away

  • Your brand is hated.

    No. It doesn’t help. I will NEVER use anything associated with the Vlingo brand. You need to have an off switch available for download. I don’t want to manage it. I want it gone.

  • Rebecca lenaghan

    I’ll tell you what I’d like to do, shove my phone up your arse! I used to be able to get rid of this useless, interfering, annoying app with go launcher, UNTIL THE LATEST UPDATE! Now I’m stuck with it going off nearly every time I touch the home button. Sort your shit out, you’re costing yourselves and Samsung customers.

    • Amber

      AMEN. Just got my update today and it’s doing the exact same thing. Last thing I need is my phone going off while I’m at work. I want to get rid of it and SOON. I hate clicking my home button and voice talk coming up asking me.what I want to do. I’ll tell it what to do, DELETE ITSELF. Ugh.

  • julie

    My S2 voice command has recently appear a message saying there is an unexpected server error occurred, pls try later. What does it mean? I m not using it but out of sudden come out this message, annoying. What should i do?

  • wessel

    PLease Please I beg of you guys let me remove this app from my phone it has goten me in a lot of anoying situations. Now giving my phone to my dad, since i got a S4 but want to prevent him the shit that I had with vlingo.

    Loved the galaxy S2 expect for ofcourse vlingo which ruins the phone experience by a lot.

  • Jen

    i hate this app. uninstalled it through manage applications yet it still opens when i press home button. this app is so invasive. screamed at me WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO in the middle of meetings, restaurants etc. i have never used it nor do.i want to, it only serves the purpose of being extremely annoying.

  • Mike


    1. Go to phone settings
    2. Click ‘Application Manager’
    3. Scroll to ‘ALL’ apps
    4. Select ‘Voice Command’
    5. Press the ‘Disable’ button

    I’m using Android 4.1.2. So upgrade to at least that using Samsung Kies or OTA first, as I think the previous version of Android didn’t allow the disabling of apps.

    Double tap now disabled for me.

    • Tony Gayter

      Thanks, this is the only thing that worked, none of the apps like EX launcher or linda worked for me.

    • Name

      works like a charm!

    • Kris

      Thank you, it worked for me too.

    • Briony – Elham Parish Council

      I opened Application Manager about 50 times looking to disable Voice Command but could never see it in the list. Thanks to your post I realised that you can scroll sideways to see All Apps and there it is – Disabled – Marvellous – you’ve saved me from having a nervous breakdown!!

      • Ben Cheever

        yeah, they like to hide it 😉

    • Ben Cheever

      So far, this is the only thing that worked for me on the Android 4.1.2 version of Galaxy S3 as well. Lame that they have to bundle all this crapware into the phones.

  • j

    Bad on you Vlingo. Bureaucratic software company. I hope you go broke and don’t have enough money to start a new company.

  • Regi_h

    Use linda manager it DOES work…

  • saksit

    Good Samsung product a cheap on sales
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  • Lizzmay

    No this does not work….what the h

  • Jolene Rosado

    my phone will not unlock samsung s2 and i can’t scroll with the double tap crap

  • David

    “Hope this helps!”….. Not as much as the ability to get this junk out of the phone would be. I don’t use my phone while driving, and yet VLINGO just decides to take over whenever it feels like. Poor design and application.

  • Jamie Pomana

    We are not accidentally activating anything it keeps coming on randomly. Worst programed voice command on any phone I have had the displeasure of owning. Itmakes the phone crap

  • Gautam

    One thing you can do to get rid off the annoying “What would you like to do?” is to clear the app data by going to settings-> applications-> All -> Voice Command-> Clear data.
    This will obviously not uninstall or disable the app but every next time you double tap the Home button, a Samsung Disclaimer screen will pop up, just don’t press “Confirm” and press the physical Back button of your phone.
    Try this until you find something better.

  • Mastan Jaffu

    I am having problem with my samsung galxy SII while connecting to charger the voice talk option is activation automatically

  • mx

    using version 2.3.5.
    I am sick of vLingo!! Useless, and bad application! everytime in doubleClick on the screen I can hear this stupid voice of vLingo!!!

    how can, you imagine that this bad application will be accepted to customer by force???

    next time I will check if vlingo is erasable or not from my next mobile phone

  • jozza

    This is a dreadful app – it constantly turns itself on and wont allow you to deactivate or remove it!

  • s cramer

    Accidentally activating, funny the phone can be sitting on the table and pop up over and over. Have unchecked double tap and all the others it still pops up, Can’t find it on Linda manager. I have even reset phone to default and I still have it and yes, there are times I’d like to take a hammer to it. No way to stop it

  • Hassoon

    thanks, uninstalled successfully by “Linda App Manager”

  • Nell Abel

    Thanks for the information! My Galaxy Note Edge also indicated some kind of same problem. click here to leanr more.

  • mahmud
  • Dina

    I have done everything you guys said, and it keeps popping back up. There is no ‘disable’ option. Just ‘stop’. Then it comes up again. Now what?

  • Tina Brown

    This works. Settings/Applications/Voice CommandClear Data.

  • are pik

    Setting,application manager,all,talk back,uninstall upadate,done