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Vlingo is a voice recognition application that works withAndroidBlackberryIphone,  WindowsNokia and Feature Phones. After testing and downloading the application to your mobile device driving will be safer and communications will never be easier.

Vlingo is capable of following several important voice commands

The “Update Status” feature works seamlessly with  Facebook,  Twitter and FourSquare allowing the user to update their status or tweet the latest using simple voice commands.

Looking to drive to Yankee Stadium? try the “Get Directions” feature and it will instantaneously open up navigation software. In the case of Android phones Google Maps Navigation will open giving the user detailed directions including mileage, tolls and expected time of arrival.

The “Call” feature simply works by stating the name of one of your contacts and the correct phone (home, office, mobile) The phone will then dial the contact without the need to press any keys or search through your contact list.

Looking to go to a movie? With Vlingo there is no need to look through the newspaper to see where it is playing at. Just ask Where is “Harry Potter Playing at? Then Fandango opens up with the times and theatres Harry Potter is playing at.

Sending a text messages has never been easier!. Just say “text John Doe what time are you coming home this evening” and as quick as you say it your text box pops up allowing you to review your message and hit send to complete the action.

The “Safe Reader” feature works with the press of a single button which allows Vlingo to read your incoming text as clear and accurate as you secretary could.

The “InCar” feature available on all Vlingo-supported devices, is the first and only completely hands  free InCar solution that allows you to send and receive messages, make calls, and get directions while keeping two hands on the wheel, and two eyes on the road.

One of the biggest best pluses of Vlingo is that its voice recognition works really well compared to other applications.The majority of the time what you say is what you get! If you use a mobile phone in the car Vlingo is an application you need to have.

  • KC

    I love the program. Only one thing, I wish you didn’t have to read incoming messages on your phone’s native text message program, then open Vlingo back up to respond to the message. Other than that I absolutely love using it! Two thumbs up!

  • Adam Zaide

    I purchased Vlingo Plus Lifetime 13 months ago thru the Vlingo Website and have recently changed my device. Now that I am trying to move my license, it would not work because the terms and conditions say I need to ask support from the retailer I purchased from after 12 months. So I did contact Vlingo support because I purchased it from the website and NOT from any retailer. To my surprise, the customer service agents refuse to help me and keep pointing me back to the Ts and Cs. I have already told them numerous times that I DO NOT HAVE A RETAILER BECAUSE I PURCHASED FROM YOUR WEBSITE still they are saying they cannot help me. I am now stuck with no Vlinggo Plus and am very dissappointeed with the way I am being handled. It is not too hard to understand that I purchased from the website and I even provided a copy of my confirmation email from Vlingo for the purchase. Is this a matter of your agents not understanding the situation? Why do they keep pointing me to go to my retailer when I have no other retailer but Vlingo??? This is very dodgy and poor customer service.

  • Sideshow6988

    How do you get it to automatically read your incoming messages to you??

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