If you think Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant makes sending text messages easier and safer perhaps even FASTER then we want to hear from you!!

We’re looking for users to tell us…..

  • why you use Vlingo’s texting functionality….is it because it is cool, hip, convenient, safe or fast?  All of the above?
  • when you use Vlingo’s texting functionality….while driving, walking down the street, sitting on a lounge chair at the beach?
  • who do you text using Vlingo’s texting functionality….friends, family, co-workers?
  • how do you text using Vlingo’s texting functionality….with your Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or Nokia phone?  Do you use a headset?

Please share your story or perhaps even create a video telling us your Vlingo texting experience via email or post it on our Facebook page!  Your feedback is valuable to us as we continue to create products to enhance your experience!

**Note, we will select a few stories and videos submitted via email to share with our fans on Facebook and Twitter. 

  • Robb405

    This app has been a life changer for my wife.  She is almost completely blind, so the only way she could reach anyone with our land line was with directory assistance which added up to $$$ each month.  So, when I was researching ways for her to be able to make voice assisted calls, a store employee told me of the Vlingo app. She downloaded it on her phone to show me, and I thought this maybe the answer.  I bought an android phone, downloaded the app, and she can now make calls and send texts.  While we all have fun deciphering what she is trying to say at times, it is an amazing help.  This has not only been a great tool for her physically, but emotionally since she now can “have contact with the outside world,” she feels like a “real” person again! Thank you Vlingo for making this available!

  • Tlcsignman

    texting works really good but would love to be able to reply to texts also. thanks

  • http://www.facebook.com/Cory.Evan.Dunbar Cory Evan Dunbar

    i have noticed an increasing amount of failed to recognize the verbal commands and generally poor voice transcription lately.  i will repeat statements up to 10 times with different annunciations and it will continuously give me inaccurate results that show minimal sign of improvement. Eventually i give up on Vlingo and either use Google’s native transcription or Swiftkey X to get the job done. It really defeats the purpose of hands free voice transcription when you then have to re-apply another voice service with your hands because vlingo wouldn’t cut it. Google has proven to me to be the most accurate service, but presently they do not offer all of the secondary services that i use on a day to day basis. 

    On the other hand, sometimes vlingo works exactly as it should and i am very pleased to use the service. Plus much of what vligo is bringing to market is exactly what i desire from just such an application. I love safereader and InCar aswell as the always listening mode. it makes texting while on the go a dream experience.

    I currently own a motorola droid 2 and use the premium car dock that launches car home and charges my device upon placement in the car dock. accompanied by “Car dock settings” (android market) which adjusts all my volumes to max, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, screen timeout settings to what are preferred for a driving experience. Then connect automatically over bluetooth to my Motorola Roadster (Bluetooth, FM transmitter, speaker,dual mic system for noise cancellation, accelerometer for car entry activation) which provides a great in-line system to my vehicles FM radio for clear/safe and efficient hands free use of my device. And Vlingo is the application that makes this all worth it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2JKO3LTWEZP7EROFSDKC3URH4A Deejay Aarman

    Vlingo works really effective but there are some lag of option like Home screen Widget,selective languages in language package etc. Please add more languages in Package and Widget. Thank you!! 

  • Ian Wilson

    When are you going to have a version of vlingo that is compatible with the HTC Sensation?
    I have an earlier version (3.04) which I had backed up but when I visit the android market your latest version is listed as incompatible with my HTC Sensation.
    I would have thought that you would want your app on the latest android phones…….

  • Leviatan

    Is an excelent  App, I use it in my Xperia x10 with Android and I love it. It’s so usefull when you’re driving. I just wanna ask for Whatsapp compatibily. I mean I don’t use sms anymore i use whatsapp most of the time. I will be excellent If you can Improve it. 

    • DW20077

      I agree with Leviatan. I’m looking for What’sapp integration as well as I hardly use SMS

    • Lee

      Also agree with this..
      currently Vlingo already can open Whatsapp using the Launch command, it’ll be great if we can send and reply the messages as well.

    • Pluggedbean

      yip , pls we must have whats app on this , the app rocks !! thanks guys

    • Jountr

      same here! add WhatsApp support please

  • Wgp205

    works better with blackberry.  Iphone you have to leave the conversation and open the vlingo app each time you want to text. 

  • Wgp205

    is there a way to uninstall the upgrade to the iphone.  The upgrade now make me have to press the vlingo app then click the back button before making a call.  Lets hope they fix this fast.

  • guest

    I am using Vling app with my Samsung Gallaxy S Captivate and I use two different blutooth headsets. My Motorola H17 headset can hear incoming texts but I can not make out going texts through the headset nor through the built in mic while the H17 is connected. My Plantronics 9xxBackbeat is a stereo headset and I can hear incoming texts and make out going text through the phones built in mic.

  • Gert

    Vlingo is great. Thank you so much.
    Will you support Whatsapp in future?

  • Joselalcaine

    I love the Vlingo App, but i don´t use it because it is very costly as I cannot use it with WhatsApp, or MMS or ChatOn

  • Keine

    i am loving it! i would also like to ask for whatsapp support, if possible!:)

  • LordOrange

    would love to be able to still use vlingo while using a GPS app

  • levent