Combined solution delivers enhanced mobile sear h experience with natural language capabilities

TORONTO, ONTARIO  and  CAMBRIDGE,  MA  (MAY  22,  2008) –Call  Genie  Inc.,  a  leading  provider  of mobile  local  search  and  advertising  solutions  that  connect  ‘ready  to  transact’  consumers  with  local businesses, and Vlingo Corp., a leading provider of speech recognition solutions, today announced they have partnered to deliver a comprehensive multi‐modal mobile search platform that enables ‘on the go’ consumers to access information anytime, anywhere.

“Our partnership with vlingo combines the industry’s most innovative speech recognition service with Call Genie’s mobile directory assistance and advertising solutions,” said Michael Durance, CEO of Call Genie.  “The  combination  adds  enhanced  speech  recognition  capabilities  to  the  CG  Product  Suite  and gives our customers a local mobile search and advertising solution that now includes natural language request support.”

Together with Call Genie, vlingo lets mobile phone users say what they want, when they want, without limitations or scripted grammars. Consumers interfacing with Call Genie’s CG Product Suite will be able to simply speak using natural language. For example, instead of the traditional “city, state” structure for 411,  now  a  consumer  can  say,  “I  am  looking  for  a  coffee  shop  in  Seattle  near  the  University  of Washington.”

The  combined  solution  will  provide  Call  Genie’s  customers  with  increased  automation  rates  for directory  assistance  and  local  search  inquiries.  This  is  expected  to  provide  a  broader  and  better consumer experience as well as allow Call Genie’s customers to reduce operational costs by decreasing reliance  on  operator  call  handling.    The  end  result  of  this  solution is a more comprehensive and high quality consumer experience as well as complete multi‐modal (voice and data) access to information through Call Genie’s CG Product Suite.

“Partnering with Call Genie is an important step because it takes  vlingo  off  of  the  device  and  into  the realm of traditional server based speech recognition services,” said Dave Grannan, CEO, vlingo. “We see this  as  a  key  reinforcement  of  the  value  vlingo  can  bring  to  a wide variety of industry applications by mak ng them easier to use for th i e consumer through natural language input.”

Call  Genie  will  continue  to  support  Nuance  and  other  voice  platforms  through  its  open  voice  XML interface capabilities.

The combined Call Genie – vlingo solution is available through Call Genie.
About Call Genie Mobile Local Search Product Suite
The CG Mobile Local Search Product Suite includes three product  lines:  CG  Interact,  CG  Open  and  CG ADvantage.  These  product  lines  provide  directory  assistance  providers,  Yellow  Pages  publishers, wireless carriers and search engine companies, the applications and technology platforms required to deliver  innovative  mobile  local  search  services  that  lead  trends  rather  than  respond  late  in  today’s shorter consumer adoption cycles. – 2 – The CG Interact products deliver automated or operator‐assisted  voice  enabled  solutions,  mobile  data search and seamless delivery of information to phones from web sites.   CG  Open  products  have  been designed with the underlying philosophy that a great user experience must be the foundation for any service  that  will  be  monetized  through  ad  sponsorship.   CG  Open  products  deliver  key  benefits  to reduce  costs  and  enhance  the  user  experience.   All  of  the  CG  Open  platforms  leverage  industry standards  to  maximize  their  ability  to  integrate  into  and  interoperate  with  our  customer’s  existing systems,  data  sources  and  with  mobile  content  providers.  CG  ADvantage  products  enable  our customers  to  capitalize  on  the  emerging  Mobile  Local  Search  advertising  opportunity  and  deliver inventory, taxonomy and campaign management specifically optimized for this unique ad inventory.

About Call Genie Inc.
Call Genie is a leading provider of local mobile search and advertising solutions to Yellow Pages publishers, directory assistance providers, and wireless carriers. These solutions enable companies to offer an exceptional experience for both advertisers and consumers.  Call Genie won the Yellow Page Association Industry Excellence Award for Marketing Innovation in North America, the Whitaker Innovation Award in Europe, and the 118 Tracker Award for Technology Innovation in the UK. Call Genie has over 30 customers in 11 countries.  For more information, visit

About vlingo
Vlingo  is  a  voice‐powered  user  interface  that  unlocks  access  to  mobile  phone  wireless  data  services. Vlingo  allows  users  to  speak  or  type  into  any  vlingo‐enabled  text  box  and  get  accurate,  easy  and consistent  access  to  all  the  information,  entertainment  and  communication  made  possible  through today’s mobile applications. By giving consumers control of the mobile Internet with the power of their voices, vlingo provides a quantum leap in usability for mobile data services that are currently restricted by limited user interfaces. IDC has named vlingo one of the “Ten Emerging Mobile Players to Watch in 2008.” The company secured its venture capital financing from Charles River Ventures, Sigma Partners nd Yahoo! Inc. Founded in 2006, vlingo is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Why tap when ou can t lk?