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As part of our continual effort to expand the list of Vlingo supported BlackBerry phones, and improve the quality of our mobile voice applications, we’re very pleased to announce the following upgrades to our Vlingo for Blackberry services:

New Devices Supported with version 4.5.2

  • Added official device support for the Curve 8530
  • Added official OS 5.0 support for the Tour 9630

New Feature Upgrades with version 4.5.2

  • SafeReader volume increased for the Loud setting
  • Bug fixes including a fix for Google search results

We hope that the addition of the Curve 8530 and Tour for OS 5.0 brings some old Vlingo users who purchased new, previously unsupported devices back into the fold (thanks for being patient). The improved functionality should also improve the user experience, so if you haven’t tried Vlingo yet, there’s never been a better time!

Thanks so much to all our BlackBerry users who have given us their support and loyalty over the years. We hope that you enjoy the enhancements.

TJ Leonard, Director of Product Marketing, Vlingo

  • Timmy

    Will blackberry users be able to use foursquare? And is there away to get rid of the signature that says composed by vlingo?

  • Roy Benson

    Sir: I just purchased Vlingo Pro for my Blackberry Torch and there is one problem. It does not for text and email include all of my contact phone numbers, email address when I give a voice command to test or send email. The names are in my Torch Contacts, but a few of the names are not shown in the Vlingo list of contacts. Why? And how can I get Vlingo Pro to recognize them? I have tried changes the first name and other such things, but no luck. And these are important contacts for me to text and email.

    Thank you, Roy Benson

  • John

    How about a fix so vlingo will work w/ Twitter!

  • Dan

    Can Vlingo on Blackberry use a browser other than the default Blackberry Browser, it causes problems with my BES connection to work. I can’t use the search function because they block the Blackberry Browser that routes back to the BES server.