Alright.  Hopefully you’ve found our little video blogs featuring Android voice command tips for SuperDialer and how to share Vlingo with friends useful.  We have one more installment, that shows how to use voice commands to get directions and navigate to a destination.

Vlingo integrates seamlessly with the Android native features, and brings its own speedy voice recognition and “smarts” so you can get where you need to go faster than ever.  Vlingo can help you find a destination – whether you know where you want to go or not!  Check out the video to see how…

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  • Dave

    Hey! I’m a little stuck here…

    So far Vlingo seems great…but the person I talk/txt most to is named “Katelyn”
    But everytime I try to say text Katelyn, or call Katelyn, it says: Cannot find “Caitlin”.

    Is there away to say…teach it?


    Stuck. 🙂

    • Alem

      yes. go to your contact and use your voice to enter the contacts name in your phonebook. that worked for me

  • Jane

    Great app but when I try to update twitter from the in-car mode it says Social update “leave Vlingo in car to complete action” but when I click ok and leave the app (which I don’t want to do), the twitter update isn’t sent…. any ideas?

    • TJ

      Twitter updates are not part of InCar. We initially just wanted to go with “essential communication.” And as much as we all like to tweet, we stuck with the basics while driving. Call us sticklers for safety!

  • Mark

    I have the same question as Dave. My daughter is Kyla and one of my contacts is Kayla. Vlingo always goes to Kayla. Can I teach it to go to Kyla?

  • Chetaru

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  • Ricog

    I’m having difficulty scheduling a meeting in Vlingo. Siri makes it look so easy.

  • Monik_bc

    I have a very different issue. Somehow I changed the driving mode voice language to Spanish but instead of speaking either English or Spanish, it just tries to speak English with a robotic Spanish accent. How do I switch it back to regular English?!

  • Steve

    Web install of vlingo apologizes for not being able to install on android 1.0 …. on my Android 4.2.1 OS.

  • piyush technologies