Vlingo for Android now supports the HTC Wildfire

HTC Wildfire owners rejoice!  Vlingo now supports the Wildfire with it’s Android app.  We informally supported it previously, but the screen resolution has now been optimized for the Wildfire’s form factor.

That’s a nerdy way of saying we did some work and now it looks much better on the screen.

You can download via Android Market.  Enjoy!


Team Vlingo

  • greg

    So have you fixed the issue with the HTC EVO that causes it to reboot the phone all the time. How about the fact that the listening via Bluetooth doesn’t work? Come on guys! Fix this!

    • Daryl James

      HTC Wildfire (rooted Wildpuzzle Froyo 2.2) does the same thing with BlueAnt S4. Also setting Vlingo confidence to NEVER dial is ignored when InCar. Voice recognition is only fair for Aussie accent, for example, vlingo tries to dial international numbers when I try to call spoken numbers – it goes haywire! and has caused panic on a number of occasions in the car.
      Also seems to get confused sometimes- just listens and does nothing.
      Vlingo is a good try, but no where near ready for True Hands Free in Australia!

  • El

    Is the text over bluetooth fixed…there are times when I would rather have my messages sent over my headser rather than over the loudspeaker. Please fix

    • Paulvs

      Causes my HTC Desire to reboot. Uninstalling app fixes the problem, so I’m sure it’s caused by Vlingo. Too bad, great app for auto dialing.

  • Peter Mathisen

    Hey 🙂
    I tested vlingo on my wildfire today, it works good, but my english is not so good.
    If you can make it work in norwegian i’m going to pay money for this app, the consept is exelent but its not so good to use when your from norway.

    • Tommy Amdal

       Indeed, we should get this nice feature in norwegian!

  • Scott

    I wish the InCar app auto-started upon docking phone, or have it as a separate app which my profiles app could auto start it. I like this feature in the drivesafe.ly app.

  • Mulwooky

    When trying to use the Facebook login, the Accept button disappears off the bottom of the screen and I’ve tried everything to try and click it… any ideas?

    I’ve tried scrolling quickly and clicking, I’ve even tried using RDP to bring up the screen on my PC (same deal – button off screen!)…

  • Nvdp2002

    When ever i ask a question it opens google instead of just answering me
    Like i said ” how many feet in a mile”
    Instead of giving the answer it opens google with the question. Isnt it supposed to just answer…

  • Monopolistic1

    vlingo is always giving me network error on my htc wildfire, it seems it is not connecting to my wifi network, how can i fix this plz ?

  • james cruise

    that’s good news for HTC lovers ..

    HTC In Pakistan

  • Behshadtahabzadeh

    this is digustig mobile phone that i have ever seen….

  • Victor Josh

    Hi Can I download Vlingo on my HTC explorer?

  • Kishore96958

    price of this phone?

  • Attila 777

    How can I get it to recognize all of my contacts on my my touch 4g slide?

  • Info

    i wish i could delete this shitty program its driving me and many many more crazy and it should not be installed on any phone

  • Obviousman

    Same problems as everyone else: poor voice recognition for Australian accent, keeps rebooting my phone. Would not recommend this product.

  • http://www.mobilepundits.com/ Aabharan

    How do I quickly set an alarm with HTC Sense on an Android phone?