Happy New Year!

Today we are thrilled to announce the most popular actions of 2010. We combed through hundreds of millions of Vlingo Virtual Assistant actions over the past year and are excited with the results as the data provides a positive view into the growing use of Vlingo to access information on mobile phones.

Millions of people worldwide use Vlingo on their mobile devices to turn their words into actions.  In fact, Vlingo users interact with Vlingo on average 45 times/month and usage is only increasing with the growing awareness and functionality of Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant capability.

Below are some of the highlights!

2010 Most Popular Local Businesses Called, Mapped or Navigated

  1. Pizza (Top Brand: Pizza Hut)
  2. Coffee (Top Brand: Starbucks)
  3. General Merchandise (Top Brand: Walmart)
  4. Burgers (Top Brand: McDonald’s)
  5. Home Goods (Top Brand: Home Depot)
  6. Electronics (Top Brand: Best Buy)
  7. Gas Station (Top Brand: Shell)
  8. Banks (Top Brand: Bank of America)
  9. Drug Stores (Top Brand: Walgreens)
  10. Auto Repair (Top Brand: AutoZone)

2010 Top Searched Movies and Tickets Booked

  1. Tron
  2. Harry Potter
  3. True Grit
  4. Black Swan
  5. Tangled

2010 Most Searched US Hotel Destinations

  1. New York, NY
  2. Miami, FL
  3. Chicago, IL
  4. Denver, CO
  5. San Francisco, CA

Vlingo’s thoughts on the results…

“With Apple, it’s about apps, with Google, it’s about search but with Vlingo it is about connecting our users quickly, easily and safely to the people, businesses and information that are important to them ,” said Hadley Harris, VP of Marketing at Vlingo.  “While text messaging continues to be our most popular function, in the last year we have seen a dramatic shift from people using Vlingo to search for specific destinations sites to using Vlingo for specific actions such as buying movie tickets, finding available hotels or locating the nearest pizza place.  This change is due to the functionality that Vlingo has added including the new “ActionBar” and integrating with 3rd party partners such as Foursquare, KAYAK, OpenTable and Fandango.”

Haven’t used Vlingo?

Well with Vlingo, users can either speak or type commands to access all that the Vlingo Virtual Assistant offers:

  • “Tell Joe that I am running 15 minutes late”
  • “Hotels in Seattle for tomorrow night “
  • “Where can I get a burrito?”
  • “Where is Harry Potter playing tonight?”
  • “Call Jack” (contact in address book)
  • “Update Facebook: I’m going skiing in Aspen!!”
  • “Find the best sushi restaurant nearby”

Go to www.vlingo.com for more details!